Quick Key Team

  • Isaac D. Van Wesep Chief Executive Officer
  • Walter Duncan Chief Brand Officer
  • Shawn Rosenberger V.P. Sales
  • (English) Matt Wymore Computer Vision Engineer, iOS
  • (English) Ron Bassett Technology Adviser
  • (English) George Railean UX / UI Designer
  • (English) Jen Farrell Marketing Consultant
  • (English) Patricio Sosa Project Manager & Front-End Developer
  • (English) Jhon Fuenzalida Android & Chrome, Front-End Developer
  • (English) Charlene Blohm Award-winning K-12 P.R. Consultant
  • Paul Deardorff Software Architect Ruby on Rails, iOS

Quick Key Board

  • Gary June Adviser, Shareholder Ex-CEO Dorling-Kindersley
    Ex-CEO Pearson Higher Ed
    Ex-CMO Pearson Education
  • Rita Ferrandino Director, Shareholder Partner, ARC Capital
    CEO, Chicago Educational
    Publishing Company
  • Sky Lance Chairman, Shareholder Managing Principal,
    Patient Capital Collaborative Founder,
    Windjammer Capital Investors
  • Luke Walling Director, Shareholder Founder, Walling Data Systems

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We are dedicated to bringing the power of digital learning to every classroom. Every student, and every teacher, should have access to the power of digital classroom tools. Quick Key delivers – with nothing more than a teacher’s personal mobile device.


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Quick Key makes it easy for any teacher with a phone to give assessments, and then use the results of those assessments to personalize instruction.

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Media Contact

Quick Key was co-founded by Walter Duncan, a 15-year veteran teacher-preneur. Quick Key is backed by Kickstarter, and has been covered more than 100 times by print, television, and internet media.