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Multiple-Choice Questions Based on Bloom’s Taxonomy


Don’t Throw out the Baby With the Bathwater

It is currently fashionable to bash multiple choice questions, to say they do not have much value for the 21st century. This is the result of the high stakes testing scourge that students and educators have suffered under. Well meaning folks rightfully understand and note that exams that have a bearing on the life trajectory of a child should not consist of solely multiple choice questions.

Especially, when there are so many facets to a young person coming of age and preparing to seek their purpose in the world. We do children a disservice when we judge their merit solely on their responses to multiple choice questions and their ability to perform in a high stakes testing environment.

It is important however, to not let the backlash to their misuse in high stakes summative assessments, cause us to miss their usefulness in low stakes frequent formative assessment. When well crafted and standards aligned, multiple choice questions can deliver very powerful data from daily exit tickets, weekly assessments and unit exams. This data can help teachers identify areas of student weakness, and implement plans with their colleagues to keep kids on track, provided that teachers can access it in real time. This is how you prevent kids from falling through the cracks.

For school leaders and districts, this data can give them an easy to access window into to student progress at any given time, removing the pain of waiting for benchmark assessment results and being surprised by the scores. When used in this way, multiple choice questions can be a key component in turning around any failing school. Continue reading
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The Art of Teaching

They gave her a script! All I could do was shake my head. The pressure to perform on high stakes tests has gotten to the point that teachers are being given scripts to teach from. This is a travesty. As I thought about this I could only arrive at the conclusion that those who make these decisions have let the pressure of high stakes testing override their understanding of teaching.

In my experience, excellent teaching is comprised of two very important parts (in truth it is more complicated, but let’s just keep it simple for now). The first is content, a teacher must understand the content and earnestly endeavor to employ a variety of methods to help students master it. That being said, technology is now available that will always be able to give students access to more content than one individual teacher could ever hope to. And teachers are evolving, shepherding students to resources and helping them to gain mastery over the opportunities that new technology provides.

The Art of Inspiration

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Under-resourced, under attack, and over worked…

Teachers are under a staggering amount of pressure. Each year they are asked to get better results, with larger classes, and without the resources to leverage personalized learning. How can we effectively evaluate them, is it even possible?

Should teachers in wealthy districts be evaluated differently than teachers in under-resourced districts? Should evaluations be based on student test scores, portfolios of student work, or something else entirely? The New York Times recently ran an Op-Ed about the status of teacher evaluations in New York (see article below). What is your opinion? Share it in our comment section!

  teacher in class
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Quick Key Selected Again by Jaime Escalante Math

Escalante S&D

For the second year in a row, Quick Key was selected as the assessment solution for the prestigious Jaime Escalante Math Program in Los Angeles. According to Fernando Fernandez, Director of Jaime Escalante Math:

“Quick Key has been instrumental in realizing our goal of using real-time data each day to help our students to thrive. We believe students can excel at the highest level, no matter their background. Quick Key supports our mission by making our assessments faster and more effective than ever before.”

Video: Find out why Jaime Escalante Math depends on Quick Key Pro SITE: 2 min vid.001

About the Jaime Escalante Math Program Jaime Escalante, the teacher whose pioneering work was immortalized in the Oscar-winning film “Stand and Deliver”, knew how to turn any kid into a high-performing student. Today, the world-renowned math program that bears his name employs proven pedagogy and daily assessment to transform the math ability – and life opportunity – of thousands of at-risk kids each summer. Quick Key was chosen again – for the second summer in a row – as the tool to deliver the fast formative assessments the Program relies upon to accelerate students to the highest levels of achievement.
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