Striking the Right Balance: High-Stakes Testing and Formative Assessment

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In a recent Hometownlife column for USA Today, Ed Okuniewski, deputy superintendent for the Huron Valley Schools, reminds us not to throw out the baby with the bath water when it comes to assessment. Okuniewski’s column provides a basic explanation of summative and formative assessments and stresses that each has an important place in public education.

“The word “assessment” brings about many different meanings. For some, they remember the testing they did in school. Others may think about the assessments students are currently doing. Depending on one’s view, feelings toward testing vary greatly.”

“In Huron Valley, staff administers a multitude of assessments throughout each year. These assessments come in a variety of formats and are used for different purposes. In general, assessments are classified as summative or formative. Some assessments may be both.” Article continued…

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