Quick Key Selected Again by Jaime Escalante Math

Escalante S&D

For the second year in a row, Quick Key was selected as the assessment solution for the prestigious Jaime Escalante Math Program in Los Angeles. According to Fernando Fernandez, Director of Jaime Escalante Math:

“Quick Key has been instrumental in realizing our goal of using real-time data each day to help our students to thrive. We believe students can excel at the highest level, no matter their background. Quick Key supports our mission by making our assessments faster and more effective than ever before.”

Video: Find out why Jaime Escalante Math depends on Quick Key Pro SITE: 2 min vid.001

About the Jaime Escalante Math Program Jaime Escalante, the teacher whose pioneering work was immortalized in the Oscar-winning film “Stand and Deliver”, knew how to turn any kid into a high-performing student. Today, the world-renowned math program that bears his name employs proven pedagogy and daily assessment to transform the math ability – and life opportunity – of thousands of at-risk kids each summer. Quick Key was chosen again – for the second summer in a row – as the tool to deliver the fast formative assessments the Program relies upon to accelerate students to the highest levels of achievement.
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