Quick Key's 100-Question Scanner Enters Beta Testing

When we say that Quick Key is teachermade, we really mean it. One of the features many teachers asked for was a 100-question answer sheet for longer assessments. Quick Key is pleased to announce that our 100-question answer sheet is currently in Beta testing.

Scanning on the new 100-question answer sheet still needs to be refined. That’s why we have enlisted the help of some brave and patient Beta test- teachers. They have agreed to help us by using the new answer sheet even though they know that they will have to fix some of the scanning errors that occur.

If you would like to help us optimize the performance of our 100-question answer sheet by becoming one of our brave Beta testers, please click here to send a support ticket with the phrase 100Q Beta in the subject line.

We will be sure to let all of our Quick Key users know when our 100-question answer sheet is ready for prime time!

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