The Top Ten S'Cool Tools -Via Edsurge

Quick Key Mobile Made The Top Ten!

Quick Key is honored to be ranked number 6 on Edsurge’s Top Ten S’cool Tools in quarter two of 2014. This honor is shared by all the members of our Quick Key community, in schools and in Social Media that help us to share Quick Key with teachers and institutions everyday. Thank you Edsurge, and thank you Quick Key community!

Check out the article below:

Every week, EdSurge delivers its educator-specific INSTRUCT newsletter with a section on “S’Cool Tools,” calling attention to 3-5 edtech tools we’ve found, tested, and given our surging seal of approval. And out of 50+ S’Cool Tools showcased in INSTRUCT during Q2 (April, May, and June), ten products have risen to the top based on the number of clicks they’ve received from our INSTRUCT readers. Check them out below!”

Walter Duncan is the teacher Co-Creator of the Quick Key App, which allows teachers to grade paper assessments with their smart devices. Please go to to find out more.

Author: . Ready to give Quick Key a try? Click here to sign up instantly!

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