Starbucks to Provide Free College Education to Thousands of Workers

Monica Almeida/The New York Times

Does Starbucks Care More about the future of American Education than the Department of Ed?

The news has broken, Starbucks will support college education for its employees! According to Richard Perez-Pena of the New York Times, “Starbucks will provide a free online college education to thousands of its workers, without requiring that they remain with the company, through an unusual arrangement with Arizona State University, the company and the university will announce on Monday.”

How can it be so easy for Starbucks to ensure a free college education for employees, while our nation straddles worthy students with mountains of debt? The evidence is clear about the difference in earning power between those with a degree versus those without. Why can’t our nation figure out how to do this? How can a coffee company care more about the future of our citizenry than our Department of Education? I am completely baffled. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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