Introducing Quick Share: Teachers helping Teachers Get the Most from Quick Key

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Quick Key Mobile is a powerful tool for creative teachers. But let’s admit it: it could be a little easier  to set up! And once you are set up, how do you get the most from your new-found quizzing super-powers? Everybody in the company works constantly to make it easier to get the most from Quick Key, through software updates, tutorials, and attentive support.

And we are lucky to have some other important people helping, too: our outstanding users.

QuickShare is all about creating a forum for Quick Key users to share their tips, tricks, and experiences with Quick Key. You can always search this blog for “QuickShare” to find other articles, or visit our Help Center for Quick Key support and knowledge. Our first QuickShare is coming soon. So stay tuned!

If you haven’t gotten your free Quick Key account and downloaded the free Quick Key Mobile app for iPhone and iPad, do it now!

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